Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Christian's view of death

Being concerned with the pro-life movement as I am and following news related to it I have heard some disturbing propositions posed by some critics of the pro-life stance. Actually two disturb me most. The first is that the pro-life mentality does not respect a woman's rights. That is so wrong, but I am not going to deal with that now, maybe later if I feel like it. But just to clarify, while the pro-life movement gets most of it's press with regards to abortion, it's much more than that. We value all life form conception to natural death so that includes among other things standing firm against euthanasia, assisted suicide, and any other way the culture of death would seek to invade our society.

However even more disturbing than the "woman's rights" lie is the supposition that Christian's are afraid of or somehow find death distasteful. Nothing could be further than the truth.

While we must acknowledge that there are different stages of maturity for a Christian. That being said, even an immature Christian realizes that one must die before entering Heaven. So, even for a Christian that still fears death for himself, he would find comfort in the death of another that they may be in Heaven. On the other hand a more mature Christian can accept and even embrace death for himself. In other words, finding death an uncomfortable thought is inconsistent with the Christian faith.

So there must be some other reason for our stance against the culture of death. There are in fact several. First and foremost, the 10 Commandments. The fifth states "You shall not Kill." A pregnancy ended by willful abortion is killing. A life ended because a person will never recover is killing and God forbid, a life taken because that life is a burden to another is killing.

Another reason that we stand against the abominations of the culture of death is that little thing in the Gospel about "Whatever you have done for the least of My brothers, you have done for me." An infant in the womb in danger of an abortion cannot defend itself. Actually, if you have seen an ultrasound of an abortion you will see the infant do it's best to recoil from the butcher's knife but to no avail. I for one cannot stand in silence while some would have us believe it a matter of the woman's right. When we speak up for the child in the womb, we are speaking up for the one who has no voice.

Those who are sick and dying are reduced to the least among us as well. They can no longer care for themselves and are dependent on others for even the most basic needs. They should be treated with the dignity due them as a child of God. Starving to death, dying of thirst, or being pumped full of enough drugs that the body shuts down is not dignified. Being cared for, and made as comfortable as possible, and not being left alone that is how we give dignity to the dying, who knows what God still has for them to do before he brings them home. If you are a Christian and have been suckered into to thinking that assisted suicide is good and dignified, I challenge you to pray about and meditate on the great good of redemptive suffering.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing and defense of the pro-life movement, rather it is a quick rebuttal to the claim that Christians fear death. While this post could go on, I think that my point is made. Please do not make the mistake of reducing the pro-life movement to a bunch of people who a scared of death.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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