Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Are You Looking For?

In today's(1/15/2012) Gospel reading for Mass, our Lord asks "What are you looking for?" of 2 men who follow after Him. I am sure there are many ways to contemplate this reading but one particular angle that presented itself to me was "How would it change my day to day plans when I answer this question to the Lord?"

As a Christian, I profess to live a life of following Jesus. Therefore, I could expect at any moment for our Lord to turn to me and ask "What are you looking for?" If I recall this question as I go about my daily life, put myself in the place of the disciples and know that it is God that I am answering, how does that affect my answer and thus my actions throughout the day?

It seems that using this question to make my day to day plans and decisions would be a great start in the struggle of trying live the Christian life. I know that answering the question is just the beginning but I think answering it in this light would help in moving my life int he right direction.

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Brian Vinson said...

This morning our message was on setting your heart on things above and setting your mind on Christ (from Colossians 3). Sounds like we're thinking very similar thoughts.