Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Although I don’t remember the exact words or even where I found it, the sentiment of something I read last year has really stuck with me. The author pointed out that on the first Good Friday there were 3 kinds of people present. Those who hated, mocked, beat, tormented, and ultimately crucified our Lord; those who loved Him and watched in horror as He was treated in such a way; and those who were indifferent to Him and what was happening.

Surely the people who treated Jesus in such a despicable way sadden Him, how could it not.  However, the author pointed out how those that were indifferent to Him must have really saddened Him. Here is Our Lord being beaten, mocked, tortured and executed in a most horrific and excruciating fashion. He didn’t have to endure this treatment but he did for our sake. Yet people were indifferent to Him. We all know how it feels to make a sacrifice for someone else and not be appreciated. What sacrifice has anyone of us made that can even begin to compare? Still we have felt the sting of indifference.

Today let us fast so as not to seem indifferent. Today let us spend more time in prayer so as to not seem indifferent. Today let us participate in the Liturgy of the Passion so as to not seem indifferent. Above all, today let us not be indifferent to the great thing our God has done for us.

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Brian Vinson said...

Thanks for the reminder. Our culture spends too many days in indifference to the sacrifice our Lord willingly made for us. At least on Good Friday, some serious reflection is in order.