Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation

I have been stunned every time the Holy Father has spoken. Usually it is because he has a way of communicating the truths and nuances of our faith in a way that always resonates with me. The faith, as Pope Benedict XVI conveys it, always seems so simple, beautiful and undeniably true. However, today I am stunned by his resignation.
As much as I am stunned, I am saddened. I have great admiration and respect for the Pope and as I stated above he has always spoken in a way that really "speaks to me", so to speak. I believe Pope Benedict XVI was exactly the right Pope for where we are, both the Church and humanity as a whole, at this point in history not only because he spoke, taught, and lived the truth of our faith unapologetically, but also because he was very effective at being able to communicate that truth.
Even though I am saddened that we will be losing this Pope, I have always believed in the supernatural guidance of the Church and therefore I must look with Hope and Joy at what Our Lord has in store for the Church as we receive a new shepherd. So I am thankful for the time that the Church had the leadership of this man and look forward to the election of the next Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff successor of St. Peter.

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K said...

I was stunned too, Christian, and then, at the same moment, I realized at the very moment He announced, Mass was going on at my Parish. The Church goes on. The Church continues to worship. The Church continues to administer the beautiful sacraments, and she will also continue to lead us closer to Our Savior.
Scott Hahn wrote and excellent post. I share it with you.
He is the third one down.
I also believe completely that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Holy Father and that we will grow from this experience.
We certainly have endured many more difficult situations and I suspect we will endure many more to come.