Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Real Presence. Or Sometimes God is Subtle and Sometimes He's Not

Last night my daughter's confirmation sponsor invited her to Mass this morning and then breakfast after. When my daughter told me this I realized that I was on vacation, not doing a darn thing and the idea of attending a weekday Mass hadn't even dawned on me.With that I decided that I would go to Mass this morning too.

When I woke up this morning the reality of the "Real Presence" was on my mind. This is a Catholic doctirine that states that the Eucharist becomes truly and fully, not symbolically or partially, the body and blood of Jesus Christ. As I was sitting and waiting to leave for Mass I was moved to compose this facebook check-in for when I arrived at the Church.

I had hoped at the time that this would make a difference to someone else. That maybe it would inspire some soul to become more fervent about what happens at Mass. What I think it really did was to cement the importance for me in what I have come to take for granted. It actually served to inspire me to reevaluate the truths that I know and believe. Fr. drove this point home in his homily when he pointed out far to often we think "I did this or I did that" but really it is God who is doing for us.

On Wednesday mornings I am a scheduled adorerer at Our Lord at the Mother of the Blessed Sacrament Perpetual Adoration chapel. One book available in every seat at the chapel is titled "My Daily Eucharist." I have read every entry in the book several years ago and rarely pick it up now. This morning it was the first thing I grabbed. I opened it to the entry for today and this is what I read
Sometimes God directs, leads, and moves about my life in very subtle ways and I really have to sit down and pay close attention to discern, understand and follow. Other times like today though it's kind of like being "hit up side the head" with a 2x4.


K said...

I was inspired by your post this morning, Christian. My desire for the Eucharist was so strong and I felt sad that I could not attend Mass as I had students to see.

However, tonight, I am attending Adoration and confession and then off to a Ladies Book Study where we will discuss the lives of the saints. I wanted to blow it all off because there is so much laundry to do and workouts to log, but this....this is the most important thing I can do today.

I am in deep prayer this week as my son in in Haiti with other missionaries. I feel so strongly that I want to mission as well. And then I heard His voice. I NEED YOU HERE. THE MISSION IS HERE.

I too have moments of subtle hints from God, but of late, He has been a clanging gong. And I am grateful for it.

Bless you and yours. I will keep your daughter and her confirmation in my prayers. What a wonderful sponsor she has!

Christian J High said...

Thanks Karen she is absolutely a wonderful sponsor and even more so because my daughter was confirmed over a year ago and she still makes sure to be there as a faith role model. Your son is doing a wonderful thing! Blessed for sure!