Friday, October 18, 2013

Advice for Racing

This morning my daughter is on her way to a cross country meet and I wish I was going to watch. If I were there I would remind her of this before her race.
The feeling you get when you are running as hard as you can, your gut turning to liquid and being as close to puking as possible, your legs turning to jello and your lungs screaming for relief. All of that goes away within a matter of seconds after crossing the finish line. But the feeling of satisfaction, knowing you gave it everything you have,the pride of a shiny new PR and the disappointment of your rivals.That lasts much longer. So go, give it all you've got and never, ever be afraid to puke.
But then again I know she's not afraid to puke. I know she's going to give it all she's got. I know because I've seen it before.

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