Thursday, January 22, 2015

March for Life 2015: Thoughts and Regrets at the End of the Day.

I spent most of today, like every other day, ignoring the abortion problem and today I also ignored the march for life. I couldn't be bothered. then I saw the number 1,322,371,875 innocents slaughtered since the evil that is referred to as "Roe vs Wade." Abortion is the most profound evil and honestly, it shouldn't take a number of that magnitude to get and hold my attention. But like most of America I have fallen into a stupor. Today, enough is enough! America immolates its infants not to Moloch but to the American, or the Western World's, god of convenience and comfort.

Why does nobody care enough for them to put a stop to it? We are ripping human beings apart, literally limb from limb or bathing them in a chemical fire because they don't fit our "life plan", because we are "scared", Because we don't like how they were conceived or because we can't "afford" them.

You see infants in a mother's womb are silent, they are hidden from our eyes, they are defenseless. Because of all of this they are easily forgotten. Because of this it is easy to turn our eyes. Because of this it is easy to put them aside and move on about our day, about our lives. Because of this it is easy to justify and excuse. But they are humans anyway, so no excuse or justification can stand.

IT IS WRONG! Terribly Wrong! There is no way around it I have let them down and deserve their scorn and unless you are 1 of very few who have dedicated their life to stopping this atrocity you to have let them down and deserve their scorn. The ‪#‎marchforlife‬ can't be the end of it for us. It must be the beginning.

I don't know what I will do tomorrow about abortion but I know I won't ignore it. I only pray that I find the will to fight this atrocity with my whole being until it is a history that we are ashamed of.

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